Beginners Ceramic Course in English

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Techniques you’ll learn:

Pinch pot technique

This technique dates back to 10.000 BC. It's a simple method allowing for creation of both decorative and utility objects. While learning this technique you’ll create a bowl or ocarina. You will also learn how to decorate your object by pressing and stamping. 

Coil technique – 2 meetings

This technique has been used for thousands of years to create large ceramic vessels. It's been known all across the world - from China, through Greece, Mexico to Africa. Currently it remains one of the most favoured methods among ceramists. During this class you will learn two variants of this technique - bonding coils with a slip and connecting coils by smearing. Using this knowledge you will create a mug or a small sculpture and then you’ll work on a large vase. We’ll use two meetings to practice this technique.

Wet Slab technique

Forming from slabs is also known since ancient times. It's been used - and is still used - to create tiles and dishes such as cups, plates, pots or teakettles. While learning this technique you'll create a simple set of dishes: two cups and two plates. You'll also learn how to work with texturing.

Leather hard slab technique

During this class you will create geometrical forms: either a set of boxes with lids or decorative forms. This workshop will show you the difference between soft plastic slabs and stiff leather-hard ones. 

Glazing – 2 meetings.

During this set of meetings you will learn about ceramic glazes, you’ll gain knowledge of firing temperatures and you’ll understand how to match different types of clay with glazes. You will also learn various glazing techniques: pouring-over, dipping and painting with brushes. Additionally you will learn about engobes and metallic oxides. During this class you will glaze objects you've created . After this is done, your glazed creations will be fired.

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